New Published Post: How To Fix Adsense Not Showing After Redirecting Blogger To Custom Domain
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How to fix Adsense not showing after Redirecting Blogger to custom domain

How to upgrade YouTube, Blogger or other hosted account to show ads on a website
If you signed up for AdSense through a host partner and you’d like to show ads on your own non-host partner website, then you’ll need to provide us with the URL of the site you want to monetize. You can do this via a one-time application form. Here’s how:
YouTube: If you have signed up for AdSense via a YouTube account and you’d like to show ads on other host domains, then you’ll need to provide us with a top-level domain. At this time there's no possibility of monetizing other hosted properties for AdSense accounts created via YouTube without upgrading the account by providing a top-level domain.
fix adsense not showing on blogger after redirecting
1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
2. Click the gear icon   and select Settings.
3. In the sidebar, click Access and authorization.
4. In the “Show ads on other websites” section, enter the URL of the site where you plan to show ads.
5. Click Submit.
6. Finally you need to implement AdSense ad code on the URL that you provided above, on a page that receives traffic.
To implement AdSense ad code, you first need to generate the ad code. You can learn how to implement it on your non-host partner website by following our code implementation guide. Note that your ad units will remain blank until your request has been approved.
Once your request is approved, you’re welcome to place your ad code on any website that you own without any further approvals. If your application is not approved, be assured that ad serving on your host partner site will not be affected. You can continue to monetize your hosted content as normal.

An AdSense hosted account allows you to monetize content that you create on AdSense host partner websites. If you'd also like to implement AdSense on your own website, you'll need to provide us with the URL where you plan to show ads

How to Set Up a Custom Domain In Blogger Blog

set up custom domain with godaddy
It's essential that you understand, it isn't hard to include a custom area into your blogger account. In the event that you are a blogger, its ideal in the event that you officially own your own site, it demonstrates your energy and affection for blogging and gives you opportunity to move starting with one stage then onto the next, when and in the event that you require. Additionally from clients point of view, its much simpler for them to recollect and visit your website at redid location like than

A best aspect concerning Blogger is that it doesn't push you to host your webpage with blogger. It is totally your own decision to browse both of two facilitating arrangements 'facilitating on BlogSpot' with location, or running with a custom area with location

Some Popular Web Hosting Sites:

In the event that you don't as of now have bought yourself a custom area, these are the spots that you ought to be searching for to get one:
  • EasyDNS
  • 1and1
  • Yahoo! Small Business
  • No-IP
  • ix web hosting
  • Namecheap

So now if you have bought yourself a domain, from either of these you would have an IP address and a name.
It's time to start adding a custom domain to your blogger account.


Here we are using setup for, the most popular domain name provider. For custom domains from other sites, the steps are almost same, so don't disappear.

Setting Up Blogger Custom Domain

Login to your Blogger account at
Click on your blog and then go to "Settings", choose "Basic".
set up custom domain via google apps

Under "Publishing" section, click "+ Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog".
Under "Third-party domain settings" next to "http://" type your domain that you just purchased and make sure that you don't forget to add the "www" prefix to the domain name.
set blogger blog to custom domain

Click "View settings instructions" to get the blogger's official instructions. On the Blogger instruction page, choose the "On a top-level domain (" option.

custom domain in blogger

Under the point 9 of instructions, 4 IP addresses will be given, copy and save all 4 of them.
Go back to your Blogger Settings and press Save. It won't get saved and an error will appear saying 'We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12.'
set custom domain

Under the error, you will see two fields "Name, Label or Host Field" and "Destination, target, or Points To" field. Copy data of both rows from these fields.

Note: In  case you have bought your domain from Google like Google Apps,please follow the steps below to access your domain:
Step 1. Sign in  to Google apps to access your Admin console

Step 2. Click "More Controls" >> "Domains"

Step 3. Click  "DNS Advanced Settings"  so that you can   sign in to GoDaddy to change your MX records, CNAME and other advanced DNS settings.

Step 4. You can now sign in to DNS console using the password and sign-in name provided by you by google apps.

Now log in to your account and click on "My account" on the upper right corner > select "Manage my Domains".
set blogger blog to custom domain

Here you should see your purchased domain name > just click on your domain name.. Click on the "DNS Zone File" tab next to Settings and choose "Use Classic DNS Manager".
set custom domain via godaddy

How To Set Up a Custom Domain in Blogger

Under the "CNAME (Alias)" menu, click "Quick Add" button at the bottom of the screen (see image 1 in the below screnshoot).  In the Edit box that now appeared, enter "www" in the first box and "" in the second.
How To Set Up a Custom Domain in Blogger

At the bottom of the page, click on the "Save Zone File" button to save your setings.
How To Set Up a Custom Domain in Blogger

Now go back to Blogger and try to save settings again. The registration process may takes 24-48 hours, so don't worry if you get an error again. Come again later to Blogger after 24-48 hours, repeat step 2 to 4, press Save and the error should be gone. In my case, it only took a second to redirect.
How To Set Up a Custom Domain in Blogger
After your URL starts working, click on the "Edit" link next to domain name on setting page.Check the "Redirect... to..." checkbox below your site address to ensure that even if the visitors will miss out the www part, they will still be able to reach your site.
How To Set Up a Custom Domain in Blogger

And that's it. Enjoy your new URL!
So this was simple, correct? Just a modest bunch of steps and we have effectively finished our central goal of including our custom area in our blogger account.
Thanks for Reading and Happy Blogging!

How to Become a Premium Adsense Publisher

how to be an adsense premium publisherTo Become Premium adsense publisher can be a fantasy for some bloggers which can actually skyrocket and build their google adsense profit in the blink of an eye however to get premium google adsense account you got the opportunity to have a site or website which is having hugh measure of activity and online visits and for typical distributers its will take loads of endeavors to end up premium adsense distributer yet nothing is inconceivable in the event that you will buckle down and continue expanding your web journal movement.

There are numerous new bloggers who every now and again made inquiries like would we be able to show more than 3 adsense advertisements units for each page or I have seen distributers are having more than 3 promotions units so for them let me let you know that you can't show more than 3 google adsense advertisement units per page and 2 search boxes

At the same time, in the event that you get to be premium adsense distributers that you can show more that 3 promotions units. However that are other numerous advantages of getting premium google adsense account So in this post I am going to share few data and intriguing advantages and focal points of having a premium adsense account.

How To Get Premium Google Adsense Publisher Account

Well to wind up premium adsense distributer you can't matter as you do to get ordinary adsense account, and there is not committed site where you can go and present your application Google adsense group keep a nearby eye on all its adsense distributers and on the off chance that they will observe that you blog is performing truly well as far as activity, online visits and adsense salary then they will consequently get in touch with you to end up premium adsense distributer and if now you are feeling that when will google reach me for this then there are sure least and standard necessities to get into this system

your blog or site must get 1 million online visits for every month

you must get pretty nearly 100 K to 150 K look inquiries to your site or website

In the event that you met these standard necessities then there is awesome chance that google adsense group will reach you to get premium google adsense account yet you need to hold up and let them see, as this may search hugh details for anybody however in the event that you will continue blogging then in long run you can undoubtedly accomplish this like amit agarwal of is premium adsense distributer and when you will get the record then I am dam certain that you adsense profit will see huge income in your record without any doubt.

Also, separated for this there are different focal points of being in this system which we will see below.

Premium Adsense Publisher Benefits and Advantages

1) More advertisement units - As said above you can show more than 3 promotion units for each page which is entirely not considered typical adsense account holders infact on the off chance that you will show more than 3 units for every page then you keep running into the danger of getting banned from adsense program which is not the case on the off chance that you are a premium distributor.

2) Ads Customization - You can tweak your advertisement units like you can change the text color, promotion sizes, background color, design and numerous more which make it more users' friendly as every website format is diverse and we all need the flexibility to show promotions as indicated by our wish then this can just happen with this situation.
ways to be an premium adsense publisher

For instance there are few top well known sites likes, which are having premium adsense account as should be obvious in the above screenshot how they have altered the advertisements as indicated by their need and they don't keep running into the peril of getting banned.

Get Premium Google Adsense Account

1) No Ads By Google - If you have noticed that each adsense commercial ad unit has this name of Ads by Google which demonstrates your guests that it is a promotions which are shown by Google and the vast majority contempt tapping on advertisments but this is not the situation here since you can customize advertisements by google mark totally or you can put your own particular name which will most likely expand your CTR rate and get you more taps on adsense advertisements.

2) Rate Negotiations - If you are typical distributor then Google adsense pays 68% of the income and the rest goes into google's pocket and this is altered you need to keep this guideline yet for this situation you are allowed to arrange the rates which you will make from your promotions with Google which will bring more cash per click.

3) Dedicated Account Manager - Perhaps you had already experienced  how hard it is  to contact adsense group for asking any questions, but then for this situation you are exceptionally alloted a devoted record director which will take care of every one of your query and will likewise help you and offer proposals to expand your adsense wage which is one of the immense advantages.

Final Words:

So companions this is the way to end up premium adsense publisher, after reading this post I am certain that by taking a considerations at these preferences and advantages you will be very eager to get into this system as quickly as time permits to profit from Google adsense, however you need to buckle down in getting that measure of activity to your website since I have seen numerous bloggers have accomplished this, in the event that you like this post please share and do subscribe to get more google adsense tips straight to your inbox free of charge!

To learn more about how to become a premium adsense publisher , you can visit adsense forum.

Happy Blogging and Good Luck!

5 Tips to Speed Up Your Blog for Success In 2015

To blog without a particular objective or target as a top priority is pointless. As a blogger, you'd need to set a standard on how your online journal will turn out after a certain point of time.

Should you have a huge number of supporters getting your pamphlets?

Should the capacity of your website to change over your guests into clients and accomplish a particular deals figures be set as your metric?

Is it true that you are more intrigued by building associations with your gathering of people and have however many constructive social confirmation as would be prudent?

In the event that any of the ones recorded above happen to be your goals, you ought to endeavor to make something out of your web journal by taking after these noteworthy tips to construct a triumphant crusade.

Content method 

The making of excellent substance will help you pull in the right group of onlookers for your online journal. To do this, you will need to set up a solid substance procedure as the establishments of your web journal.

This will permit you to recognize your target watchwords and group of onlookers, profile your purchaser persona (in the event that you are offering something through your online journal), track contenders and see their qualities and shortcomings, and focus web properties and channels that you can influence as you make headway.

Substance showcasing 

When you have this set up, you will need to calendar your posts with the assistance of an article logbook. This will permit you to set up blog entries early and spread them out all through a quarter or thereabouts.

You will need to figure out how to form your blog entries so it is composed and distributed under ideal levels. Accordingly, taking in the life systems of an impeccable blog entry is an extraordinary spot to begin. From here, you will distinguish the significant parts of a web journal (feature, structure, narrating, pictures, and then some).


Appeasing web indexes by taking after the best on- and off-page streamlining practices is a standout amongst the most practical methods for attracting loads of activity to your site. You can then utilize the activity to channel down your target advertise and get them to perform your craved activity.

The way that you are distributed substance utilizing a solid substance showcasing system as said above makes the employment of getting your site to rank for your watchwords less demanding.

Leading a SEO battle is likewise made simpler relying upon the blogging stage you are utilizing. For websites fueled by WordPress CMS, there are particular SEO tips for your WordPress blog with the assistance of plugins.

Social networking 

As indicated by Forbes, online networking has usurped SEO as the top referral movement hotspot for sites and web journals. In case you're not advancing your most recent substance utilizing distinctive online networking stages, make it a player in your general method whenever out.

Given that there are numerous online networking destinations out there that you can influence for activity, its best that you utilize administration apparatuses that gives you a chance to timetable posts ahead of time and view every one of your locales from a solitary dashboard. This ought to make your employment of offering your blog entries from this channel much less demanding.

Likewise, these devices gives you a chance to track and dissect what number of snaps your online networking posts got from particular destinations. Thusly, you can influence the information to figure out which social networking locales are best and which ones aren't.

For instance, on the off chance that you got bunches of referral activity to your most recent blog entry from Facebook, you may need to support your endeavors in advancing on this channel. On the other hand, online networking destinations that aren't driving the numbers you need for your web journal (in view of the information gave by the administration apparatus) can be dropped from your methodology until you can locate a superior route on the most proficient method to utilize them as a major aspect of your special strategies.

Information investigation 

To gage how well your web journal is performing given the exertion you put in the previously stated crusades above, you have to track and measure your advancement. This can be attained to by introducing a code gave by prominent investigation instruments like  Google Analytics or Clicky. These will issue you better experiences about the conduct of your guests – whether they're searching different pages of your web journal or bobbing far from it. Additionally, figuring out the sorts of measurements to watch out for from your investigation device will help you focus the issues that are keeping you from meeting your online objectives.

Utilizing the information assembled, you can enhance your blog's execution by altering your pages to make them stay longer in your website and tap on your webpage joins.

Last Words: 

These tips ought to issue you a superior seeing on how you can construct a blog that watches the best practices from diverse advertising procedures. By doing these, you are certain to accomplish your online objectives without a hitch!
Reference: Bloggersentral

10 Ways A Fresh Graduate can Make Money Online in 2015

Everyone needs money in order to attain our basic needs and buy those things that make ourselves happy and satisfied . But a fresh graduate individual almost spends his time  and money in looking for a better jobfor him to be independent and a worthy citizen of the society where he lives. But sometimes, the opportunity doesn’t knock  easily and at the end, he is left with nothing to spend. So while waiting for the call of the companies where you are applying, why not to try our alternatives in earning money via online.

Top 10 ways through which a fresh graduate can earn his living.

1. Google AdSense

fresh graduate earn money online
If you are running a blog then this is best for you to earn up to $500 per month depending on your blog traffic. I for one make reasonable money out from Adsense. But be careful not to cheat them, the only thing you need is time investment, honesty and dedication and skills. So, what are waiting for, sign up for AdSense and start earning!

2. YouTube

how to increase income online
YouTube is world’s largest website owned by Google that deals with video sharing. Now you can create your own videos (much better if it is in good quality to have good traffic) and upload them to YouTube to earn money. Videos on different occasions or skills to teach differentgadgets have a standing place there upload them and wait for the proper timing and money will be coming to you.

Note: Be careful not to use copyrighted music as your video background or else you will  not be allowed  to use Youtube anymore.

3. Blogging

fresh grad can earn money online
Blogging is one of the best way to earn money online since it decreases the chances of spam and people loves to share their experiences through online.  It doesn’t mean that you are an expert of coding to start your own blog. Create a blog of your interest, give some time on it and start earning.

4. Affiliate Marketing

ways to earn money online
If you are a holder of a website or blog, you can choose Adsense or  be an affiliate with sellers to display ads on your website. If someone buys that products out from the advertisement on your website, you earn commission from the sales amount.

5. Sell Articles

sell articles online and earn money
Selling great articles  on various niche was start of most  online earners. But of course, writing articles require mastery in English language since this major language use in the webplus your commitment to work.

6. Review Music

review music and earn money online
Everyone loves to hear music and this is also the fast growing business on t he web. In short, there is money on it. Nowadays, there are different companies that offer  opportunities to review music for unsigned bands. But I will tell you that in the first place there is no easy money here, soyou will have to work hard to build your online identity, but once you have it you can earn more than $100 each month. That sounds better, isn’t it?

7. Sell Photographs

sell pics online and earn money
With the advent of the modern gadgets like cellphone with built-in camera and videocam etc. People tend to love photography  which paves their way to attract more money . You can upload your best photos on websites like instagram, istockphoto, fotolia and get on it.

8. Tutor Online

online tutoring and earn  money
Being a fresh graduate, you can use your (speaking) skills to make money. Choose a subject of your own interest and start tutoring. I have a friend and she is earning thousands of money via tutoring Asian and American students.

9. Write an EBook

write an ebook online and earn money
There are two types of income, the income that you earn from your job and the passive one. Writing and selling Ebook is an example of your passive income throughout your life.
Colleges and Universities mold the students to do excellent research and writing. Transform this talent to earn money through writing an EBook and sell it online. Make your Ebook  content and cover unique from others to sell it at a higher price.

10. EBay

how to earn money through ebay
EBay is largest  international website which deals with online shopping. If you have extra clothes in your closet, extra books or anything, sign up to EBay, upload pictures, set a reasonable price and earn money on them.

Good Luck Folks Hope you will succeed with your endeavors!!!