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3 Basic SEO Tips for a Newly Launched Blog - Personal Advice

This article is intended for newbie bloggers like me who wants to be guided  with the basic principles in the world of blogging. I know how it feels to be a newbie in the first place and want to gain popularity and respect in the blogosphere. Blogging is not just about looking for  an online space for yourself, putting up content there and earn money through it. You have to survive among the fittest or  manage changes in order to trample down your opponents. In this post,  I will give my personal advice to newbie bloggers who want to success  through  applying the basic SEO process - things they should or MUST implement on their own blogs.
basic seo tips for newly launched blog

Use and Optimize Google Webmaster tools

If you want to be more exposed in the internet, don't ever missed this friendly Google Webmaster Tools! You should have to sign up first to  Google Webmaster Tools (GWT). GWT is basically a dashboard where you can not only get yourself verified as an official owner of your site/blog, but also get access to a lot of tools, features, and reports. With GWT, you can change how Google sees your website, and even receive messages from Google regarding updates, and errors found on your website or any critical issues found in your blog. Furtheremore, through GWT, you can view crawl errors, crawl stats, blocked URLs index,
Fetch as Google - Pretty handy for fetching data for your website and submitting it to index to ensure that it's indexed more quickly,view search queries, and internal/external links. And we will not forget this one of the most important thing about GWTs which you can  submit sitemap to make your article visible in the web.

Submitting Sitemap

 As I have said  a while ago that one way   to make your written articles visible in the web is you need to submit it  to Google.  Creating a sitemap is the  first thing to do after making a proper website or blog   and submit it to Google. A sitemap is basically a listing of the contents of your blog, sort of like a table of contents. It needs to be submitted to search engines so they know what content to find on your blog.  It is advisable to make aat least 10 to 20 articles  first before creating and submitting a sitemap.

As what Bro Qasim Zaib said in one of his post in MBT that "when you submit a sitemap, search engines use the data on that sitemap to locate your site and your data, and index it. You might have noticed that your site didn't appear on Google after you created it. Well, to get it into search results, Google first needs to index it. And to make Google index it soon, you submit a sitemap". I believe he has the point with his statement because that was  I have experienced long before in this blog long time ago!

Keep monitoring your rank and statistics

When  I was new in blogging and read many advises from the web about  stastistics, they often said that it is better not to monitor it since I will be little frustrated of my rank.But now that I'm in the middle of growth and development as  a blogger and have started generating good content, it's time for me to start monitoring my success. Keeping  track of  my PageRank, which comes out every three months.   I should also keep a check on  my Alexa Toolbar ranking. For monitoring my website statistics, I should use Google Analytics.
This steps should also be your moves buddies. Everybody wants to succeed easily that's why we want to take shortcuts. And it's easy to do so, but we  can never take away the effort of hard work and discipline and sacrifice.

 Consolidated Basic SEO Tips Just For You!

 So far we have compiled many SEO tips with our readers before. Here is a short lists among  of the posts we've written. Click them out!

You might also like reading a couple of BAD SEO  tips guides in order to avoid them!
These basics tips and guides should get anyone oriented with optimizing their website to the fullest. If you suggestion or any clarifications, please contact the admin or  feel free to ask in the comments section below.  Peace Buddies and Thank you :)
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