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Putting Links Within a Specific Page

link anchoring in blogger
I was wondering how other professional bloggers made a post and within that certain post they add link  and when I clicked the link, it doesn't go to the other post or page but just go to  a certain specific height within that post. Sounds weird! buddies, but that's really true. I called this personally as  "self link anchoring". We will not add javascript on your template but just  a simple HTML code to your Blogger Post editor where you want to apply this effect.

The principle behind this  tutorial:
  • Create a link pointing to the anchor. This is the word where you add the link wherein if you click this link you will be directed to a certain height (target) within your page.  
  • Create the anchor itself.This is the target height of your page.

Live Demo

Note: Upon clicking the live demo, you  are directed to a specific height of that page that is the "Copyrighted Blockquote with Gradient Yellow Image at the Left Side and Small Solid Borders."

Putting Links (Self-Anchoring) Within a Specific Page

Step 1. Open a post (much better if it is lenghty) and get the post link or you can create new post, publish it and of course, get the link.
Step 2. From your post, select a word where you put the link ( in step 1). Do this as you normally put link(s) in your posts.
The normal link would look like the one below,
 But in order to put link to your anchor you need to add some word on it at the last portion. See example below,
The link above is now your link pointing to your anchor.

After creating the link pointing to your anchor, it is now time to create  the anchor itself or the target height within your page.
Step 3.  Copy the code below as your guide,
<a href="" name="gradient"></a>

  • Replace the orange bolded texts with your own link.

  • Replace also the red bolded text with tag that is found in your link pointing to your anchor ( in step 2). These tags must match with each other.
After customizing the above codes,  select a certain  specific height location of your post and paste it (it must be in HTML mode).
Step 4. Update your post and you're done.

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Hope this will help you buddy in some other way. If you have some questions, feel free to leave a comment below or contact me. I will do my best to elaborate it further.

Thanks for reading  this post and  may God guides your blogging career always!!!
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