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How to Display Google Search Results in a Separate Page in Blogger

How users' friendly is  your blog who has a navigation tab, a search box and  a sitemap. But if we add another page on it that would display the search results of the queries of your visitors is an outstanding  one. You can also optimize your adsense revenue out of this technique but nonetheless it is  not just  making money. The main reason why you must do this is that you will help Google in indexing your posts more fast than before.
Note: This tweak will not take effect if you are using search box via Blogger's Lay-out.
adding search result page

Step 1. Create a Search Result Page

1.1 Go to Blogger Dashboard
1.2 Click  Pages >> New Page >> Blank Page
1.3 Put a title 'Search Results'.

Note: Don't put any content on it, just leave it blank.

1.4 Publish it (without any content) and view the it.
1.5 Copy the URL of the page and keep it (we will use it at the proceeding steps below). You can find it at the browser address bar. See the screenshot below.

Step 2. Creating Your Google Customs Search Results Code

2.1  Go to Google Custom Search Engine
2.2  In the Set-up menu, click the Look and Feel
putting search results page

2.3 In the Look and Feel area choose Two Page

2.4 Click Save and Get Code
2.5 Now don't be confuse in this particular stage.
At first you will be instructed to get the code for search results. See the screenshot below
page for search result page

Next, click again the blue button and you will be instructed to get code for search box. See the screen shot below.
 separate page for search result

Please keep the two sets of code in a safe place (we will use this in the next steps).
2.6 Now click the button at the top right corner, this is the Search Results Details. In the first empty box (top), put the URL of your Search Result Page (in step 1.5 above) and in the second box (buttom), put your blog initial name like BTT in my case. See the screenshot below for guidance.
custom page for search result

2.7 After you filled the necessary informations you may now click Save button.

Step 3. Creating the Search Box  and Adding the Search Result Page 

3.1 Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Lay-out >> Add Gadget
customize search result page

Scroll down  and select HTML/Javascript
3.3 Paste inside the empty box the code for your search box ( do this as you usually did in putting html/javascript code). Then position it at the most prominent place ( at the top-right corner of your blog). Then Save Gadget.
3.4 Now paste the code of your search results to your page you have created in step 1. It must be in HTML mode.
3.5 Hit update and you're done! That's all!
Hope you like this little tutorial and I'm glad to hear your feedbacks friends!
Happy Blogging Day  :=)

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