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How to Add Author's Profile Picture in Google Search Results Page

show author's profile photo in SERP
I know  that every blogger dreams to increase their page rank dramatically in a duration of time. So I was researching on those SEO tips that might help this goal and I found that one of those ways is having an author's profile picture  that shows in the Search Engine Result Page. According to research that most people will click those related searches in the SERP having this kind of technique. And for this reason, I'm gonna show you on how to make this one in the most easy way.

How to Add Author Profile Picture in Google Search Results Page

Step 1. Comply the pre-requisite requirements below:
1. Of course, you must own a certain website.
2.  A Goggle Plus account.
3. Create an About Me or About Us page much better if it contains your profile picture, a 128px by 128px size JPEG format will do.
 If you meet all those pre-requisite requirements above, you may now proceed to the next steps.
Step 2.  Add the link below  anywhere in your site (either in header, footer or sidebar).
<a href=" ID"
  rel="author" target="_blank"> Join me on Google+</a>

  • Replace the GOOGLE+ID with your own G+ ID.  You can get this one at the browser address bar of your G+ account. Please take a look at the screenshot below.
  • show author image in google result
  • You can replace the texts in green Join me on Google+ (optional).
Step 3. In your About me page add the link below at the  beginning of your About me page (see my About me as an example).
<a href="" rel="me" title="Cerwenlloyd gefjun">Cerwenlloyd Gefjun</a>
  • The series of 21 numbers in orange bold is my Google + ID, replace it with your own.
  • The name in blue color is my G+ Profile name, replace it also with your own G + profile name.
  • Replace Cerwenlloyd Gefjun with your name ( much better if it is the same with your G + profile name).
 Step 4. Next is you are going to add your About me page anywhere in your blog using the link below. In my case, I add it at the footer  my blog.
add author's image in result page

<a rel="author" href="">About</a>

  •  Change the URL ( with the URL of your About page.
  • Replace the text About with your own word ( like About me or About us)

Step 5. Go to your G+  Profile account  scroll down and click the link button. See the screenshot below.

show author image in SERP

Step 6.  Add the URL of your Home page, Contact, and About. You may also put the URL of your Facebook fan page  and Twitter link.
put author's image in google result

Step 7. Upload your profile picture  on Google+ (this photo is the same with what you had uploaded in your About page). Your photo must  be a  128 px by 128px or 150px by 150px in size. (See the screenshot below for help).
 putting url in rich snippets tools

Note: Don't upload a rectangular image.
Step 8. Save your uploaded profile picture  and you're done!

Test Now How Your Uploaded Picture Appear On Google Search Results Page

1. Go to Rich Snippets Tool
2. Submit your homepage URL at the search box and then hit the Preview button.
 adding google author's profile photo

Note: If you followed the above tutorial correctly a note will appear like in the screenshot below.
seo tips

 After few days or weeks, test if your profile picture is appearing in the Search Engine Results Page. But if you miss one of the steps above, an error will occur. You may review or repeat it once!
God Bless Everybody!!!
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