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How to Apply for Google Adsense and Get Approved ( A Newbie Must Follow)

Adsense is the number one advertising company across the internet. For this reason many bloggers want to be their ads publisher but the the problem is it is not as easy as what others are thinking. In order to win the heart of the Adsense team who will manually evaluate you and your blog you should follow some basic rules.
Below, I will share to you the ten (10 ) basic tips/rules which I have used when I applied for an adsense publisher.
how to make adsense approve

Publish Quality and Original Content

As per experienced as a newbie blogger, it is quiet hard to make such kind of content. You don’t know how start and end a certain post. But as a newbie blogger you should spend a lot of time in conducting a research studies in the web in order to power your self with the necessary informations. As time passes, you could accumulate many useful informations that are essentials to make such content that are rich in quality.

Age Matters

Entering business online requires a specific legal age which is 18 years old and above, so if you are not yet on this particular age bracket you better not to try because 100% you will not be approved.

Your blog age is an important aspect as well. In Asia like China and India, it requires for around six (6) months in order to get approved with adsense. Furthermore, six (6) months with 50 to 70 quality posts. But in order to double the chance of getting approved, much better if you apply with 100 -120 quality posts.

Use Accurate Informations in Filling the Adsense Application Form

Be true in putting your data in the said form like your name,  complete address, contact number and the like.

Copyrighted content must be avoided  especially if it doesn’t contain any attribution link from the source.

This is another thing which a newbie must face for duplicated content is NOT  SEO friendly.
Adsense  team hates those sites who copy other content and publish it in  their blogs. This is a ground for disapproval. Much better to make our own post and be original in our writing styles.

Be sure to have at least 30 well written  posts from your and  use SEO friendly words. Don't use idiomatic expressions in stressing your ideas be always natural in your mode.

Don’t link your site to any pornographic or  liquor, smoke, gambling or any adult content sites.

This is an important thing also for adsense restricts the placement of ads on gambling sites  and pornographic content. See adsense policies here.

Well Constructed Pages like About, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

You may use the links for help in constructing your Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Page.

Sufficient Blog Traffic

There is no specific blog traffic required by Google adsense in order for them to approve your application but as a personal advice, see to it that you’re blog is receiving 200 - 250 visitors a day.
Your store will be useless if nobody visits and buy goods from it.

Avoid Autogenerated Content

Those type of contents which are crawled  by robots from other sites and indexed it in you blog. This type of technique is unfair to other bloggers who spent many hours just to polish one (1) post in a day.

Custom Domain

Applying for adsense without custom domain name is also a ground for disapproval from Google adsense. You have to use top level domain like .com .org .net. Don’t apply for Google adsense if you have sub domain name like But as  an experienced, if you want to apply for adsense on sub domain name then you have MUST publish NEW CONTENTS in your blog .

Pray to God

Irregardless of what is your religion, ask God for help! I think this the best tip from all tips that I have read, wrote and used so far.

After reading this post try to assess your blog if  the above tips are being applied or used then try another shot to apply to Google Adsense.
Hope you make it NOW pal!

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