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Donations to Help Victims of Typhoon Haiyan

Today I will not be  posting tips and tricks in blogging but a sad news which I have personally experienced here in our country and that is the  devastating effect brought by typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). This cylone ripped our country  Philippines (central Visayas) on Friday, causing a 20-foot rise in sea waters and packing winds of up to 147 miles per hour. Authorities are calling it one the country's worst natural disasters on record.

More than 10,000 people are believed to be dead in the city of Tacloban alone, with death tolls continuing to rise, according to the AP. While the eastern island of Leyte was hit hardest, there was also extensive damage to roads and houses on neighboring islands. Around 4 million people were affected by the typhoon.

Rescue and relief efforts are underway, with many organizations mobilizing teams on the ground to get victims access to clean water, medical supplies and food. If you want to help, consider making online donations.

We've compiled a list of  organizations to which you can contribute online:
  • The Philippine Red Cross Donations will help mobilize teams on the ground with rescue and relief efforts.
  • Habitat for Humanity Donations will help create shelter-repair kits for families rebuilding their homes.
  • Salvation Army Donate online for the Salvation Army's relief efforts, or text TYPHOON to 80888 to immediately donate $10.
  • Catholic Relief Services CRS is helping with the storm's aftermath by getting supplies and staff into the area.
  • World Vision  World Vision is working to get food and resources to those in evacuation shelters.
  • The United Nations World Food Programme -  The WFP has set up an online donation page that will help rush food and resources to the regions affected.
  • GlobalMedicThe Canadian organization is working to get clean water to victims.

  • UNICEFDonations will help children gain access to medical supplies and clean drinking water. "Safe drinking water can be impossible to find after such a massive natural disaster. And without it, a child will drink whatever water she can find, no matter how dirty or diseased. That drink can quickly lead to diarrhea, disease and death," UNICEF president Caryl M. Stern said.

  •  Save the Children- Donations will help children and families in the Philippines, Laos and Vietnam. Ten percent of every donation will go toward preparing for any future disasters in the area.

  • Habitat for HumanityDonations will help create shelter-repair kits for families rebuilding their homes

  • ABS-CBN Foundation- Initially, the organization's primary responsibilities were to generate welfare funds by broadcasting the plight of those in need of assistance and ensuring the proper allocation and utilization of solicited help.

  • GMA Kapuso FoundationFor monetary donation, the Foundation accepts cash or check which can be personally delivered to the GMAKF Office or deposited in its bank accounts. An official receipt is automatically issued for donors who bring their cash donation to the GMAKF Office. For cash deposits, the donor is requested to fax or email a bank transaction slip indicating intended recipient and contact details for sending of official receipt. 

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