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How to protect Adsense Account Against Illegal Activities

adsense protection against illegal activities
Earning money out of  putting Adsense ads in your blog is a big reward of your endless work both day and night and even reach to the point of  sacrificing your time to our loved ones just to achieve such precious amount of money in our pocket. But suddenly due to bad clicks generated by your users or to some unscrupulous people out there may lead to a ban of your Adsense account, even if you're not doing bad on your side.

Here is the situation, Google generates income out of advertisers who wanted to expose their products online.  An elaborately a large network of ads, with which  it earns and also shares some revenue with publishers (people who put up AdSense ads on their websites). With  the utmost trust given by the Advertisers  to Google in deliviring ads on the web, the latter has to make provisions  or guidelines to maintain the trust of these advertisers for them  to ensure that publishers don't play dirty tricks, or use fraudulent methods of clicking on ads to accumulate more money out of advertisers. Logically, advertisers wouldn't like it if they had to pay extra money for clicks that didn't really help them in the business. Such kind of practice of clicking  might result in the ban of your AdSense account. Don't let this thing happen to your blogging career.

Ways you  have to follow to avoid getting banned of  out of Invalid Clicks of your Adsense  Ad

  • Never click on your own ads neither encourage anyone to do.

  • Always Use Good Adplacement positions i.e don’t place on blank pages or no contents.

  • Never place adsense ads on Adult site or other illegal sites.

  • Never try to Alter  or change the Original Adsense Code provided to you

  • Use White Hat SEO and say NO to Black Hat SEO.

  • Monitor the ad clicks if its proportionate with its revenue earned.

  • If you are getting lots of clicks but a CPC of 0.00$ or 0.001$ only, then they are mostly likely to be invalid clicks. Or having a CTR of 20% or above, perhaps your blog has been bombarded  by someone out there.( Note: There is no exact value of  CTR to be called as invalid, sometimes it will defend on how much traffic you generate to your blog).
  • Check  your email at regular basis.
  • Google will send you emails and notifications in case invalid activity is detected in your site(s). It will let you know about the type of activity, so that you can get to root of the problem. It will also provide you further instructions on getting rid of the invalid activity. 
To learn more on how to safeguard your  Adsense account from invalid clicks or any illegal activities you can visit "Google’s Protection against Invalid Clicks". There you can read How Advertisers Are Protected, How We Help Protect Publishers, and the Detection of Invalid Clicks.

Google Support

If it happened that Google Adsense banned your account you can ask for appeal by using this  new form.
Also try to go to  the  Adsense Academy which Google recently launched which orient beginners and pros alike on the do's and don'ts of AdSense.

 Happy Adsense Earning  Buddies :)

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