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8 Best Content Writing Tips For SEO Friendly Blog Post

As all web developers know about content writing for SEO, it is an action by which we create content that has a sole purpose and that is to direct  search engine traffic to our site and no other more! Such move  helps to improve our ranking on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. In order to make our  content easy for search engine robots to rank in the front page (rank 1) especially for beginners is  we should apply the best tips like  submission of sitemaps to Google webmastertools, write not for robots only but to your real consumers, optimize blog  via social media and the like. Those are just the components  to make your content well and change the overall ranking of your website. Have a look at some of the best content writing tips to make a SEO friendly blog.
best tips for  seo friendly blog post

Best Content Writing Tips For SEO Friendly Blog

1. The essence of content you write

With much respect to your chosen topic, the content you wrote should have the power to drive  large audience. In order to make this is we should put in our minds the main purpose of our job which is to help other people or  company much more than what SEO does. Even if there are lot of competitors out there, then if you have a very nice articles that could change the world then Search engine robots will love it. Good content will increase the page rank and would also be shared by your readers to others in the web via social media like facebook and twitter .

2. Stick to one topic per post

If you are discussing in a certain post about "Best Content Writings Tips For  SEO Friendly Blog" then stick to it. Don't integrate in your content like "Best Cooking Schools in the World" which is quite irrelevant to the former.Writing can be done in various ways or modes. Each way is different from all others and better to the other person. Do not deprive your self to write naturally because in this way you're showing your true personality and that's what people really like to read.

3. Write article with attractive heading(s)

Readability of the content must  be the first objective of any writer and we should start it at our blog title and  post titles. Titles of web pages and article that grab audience attention are the ones which be clicked first by the readers.Unfortunately many  bloggers especially  the new one tend to commit mistakes here is by making very generic and boring titles like "SEO Friendly Blog" instead of "Best Content Writing Tips For  SEO Friendly Blog ".  Try to be creative, imaginative and make your title attractive so that visitors will stay longer on your site and click more to other posts. Constant practice will make your work perfect.

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4. Appropriate Use of Keyword

Always watch your keyword length and density in a specific article. Posts written for directory submission and content for web copy should ideally have 300- 1000 words. Blog posts and social media posts must be shorter in length.  A keyword for every 50 to 100 words is desirable in an article. But avoid keyword stuffing. Your keyword should be evenly distributed throughout the post and should be not be  over used! Your number of keywords used speaks the length of the article you are writing.

5. Use Meta descriptions

One way to drive more traffic to your site is to have a meta descriptions which is highly recognizable by visitors. Meta descriptions are 150 character descriptions of the content. The content written should have Meta descriptions with keywords.

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6. Write original content

Avoid spinning articles from different sources since it could adversely affect search engine optimization. Writing content which comes from your imaginative and clever mind is very much essential for  your SEO plan.  Copying content from others degraded your website reputation. If it cant be avoided, try to put attribution link as a sort of complement from the source.

7. Have a friendly tone and interactive mode

Try to be friendly to your readers as much as you can. Be courteous to them since they are the true consumers of your written articles. You can't be a good content writer if you don't know how to humble and with 100% tolerance to "back bites" or people who wants to pull you back.

8. SEO Friendly Blog Structure

Sometimes readers will judge the author by seeing alone its blog appearance. They loved to read articles with beautiful blog design. Just like  a visitor in a Mall with no intention to buy who founds the place very conducive will be provoked to buy something. In other words, readers should not leave your blog without buying any stuff since they found your site very interesting and  helpful to them.

Make every blog post as a magic post of your site. You should have well constructed headings, internal sub headings, keywords and a well position classifieds ads to promote itself in the market online. Furthermore, the use of images will  further add  value of your content. Visual supplements play a vital role to make readers not to fell bored and dull. Photographs, infographics, slideshows and artwork are just few of them.Much better if the images you use don't violate copyright laws or you can ask the permission of the owner before using it your blog.

Final Words:

So friends, these are some of the best Content Writing Tips to make your blog a SEO friendly one. Avoid manufacturing spam articles since you are not only wasting your time but also your resources. Always remember to be more natural in your ways to be like more to your readers so that the latter can have good user experience with your site and they will come back again and again!
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