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How to Monetize a Facebook Fan Page

Wowwww!!! Facebook is shaking the entire world and as per late research a normal individual uses 2-4 hours every day on online networking sites. It is the same measure of time that individuals used to use sitting in front of the TV. Presently just about everybody and his pooch changed to social networking sites, fundamentally to Facebook. Having more than 800 million clients it is thought to be the world's biggest informal organization. No big surprise that numerous organizations are contemplating creating their showcasing crusades here. The jolt for this was presentation of Fan Pages or something like that called Public Profiles that permitted anybody to make their own web vicinity for their organization or administrations and accumulate a swarm of intrigued admirers or "Fans" around their image. You don't have to build a site with membership or RSS channel to make a rundown of leads. Everything is situated up for you. Building a system of potential clients has never been so natural.

But are you making money on Facebook? Below  are the steps on driving money but not just money but BIG BIG BIG money if you have many "fans". So let's get started buddies!

How to Monetize a Facebook Fan Page?

Create a Fan Page if you haven't done it yet.

Name it after a topic of your videos or if you haven't decided, give it some generic name like "Funny Youtube Videos". Just make sure it grabs attention.

Choose a logo.

Publish links to your YouTube hosted videos.

Suggest your Fan Page to friends. Some of you have several hundreds or even thousands friends. They are going to be your first Fans!
The great thing about Fan Pages is that your fans don't have to visit your Page every day to check for new videos. They will be notified every time they log in into their Facebook account.
If they like what you are delivering they will suggest your Page to their friends and friends of their friends and so on. True viral marketing.

Make sure you deliver quality content and quantity of your Fans will snowball. If you spam them - they will leave you.

Find the ways to deliver interesting and entertaining videos. Try finding something that is of interest to you. The best solution is to create your own videos. Think of what you are good at, what your hobby is? Traveling, sports, art, tricks. Anyone is an expert in their own niche. You can shoot a "How to play a {your favorite musical instrument}" video series, martial arts or bodybuilding trainings, cooking lessons, etc. There are countless options.

Get a screen capture program (if you can't shoot your own videos). Use this for making software training videos.

Don't forget to write a short but informative description each time you publish a video on Facebook. That's how your video will be discovered through Facebook search option.

Final Words:

Find out what topics interest people the most and make your videos. In your description include main keywords you want your video to rank for in Facebook search.

How did you find this tutorial? Is it helpful for you? What have you found that has worked for you?
You can leave your message at the comment box below.

Reference: wikihow
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