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10 Ways A Fresh Graduate can Make Money Online in 2015

Everyone needs money in order to attain our basic needs and buy those things that make ourselves happy and satisfied . But a fresh graduate individual almost spends his time  and money in looking for a better jobfor him to be independent and a worthy citizen of the society where he lives. But sometimes, the opportunity doesn’t knock  easily and at the end, he is left with nothing to spend. So while waiting for the call of the companies where you are applying, why not to try our alternatives in earning money via online.

Top 10 ways through which a fresh graduate can earn his living.

1. Google AdSense

fresh graduate earn money online
If you are running a blog then this is best for you to earn up to $500 per month depending on your blog traffic. I for one make reasonable money out from Adsense. But be careful not to cheat them, the only thing you need is time investment, honesty and dedication and skills. So, what are waiting for, sign up for AdSense and start earning!

2. YouTube

how to increase income online
YouTube is world’s largest website owned by Google that deals with video sharing. Now you can create your own videos (much better if it is in good quality to have good traffic) and upload them to YouTube to earn money. Videos on different occasions or skills to teach differentgadgets have a standing place there upload them and wait for the proper timing and money will be coming to you.

Note: Be careful not to use copyrighted music as your video background or else you will  not be allowed  to use Youtube anymore.

3. Blogging

fresh grad can earn money online
Blogging is one of the best way to earn money online since it decreases the chances of spam and people loves to share their experiences through online.  It doesn’t mean that you are an expert of coding to start your own blog. Create a blog of your interest, give some time on it and start earning.

4. Affiliate Marketing

ways to earn money online
If you are a holder of a website or blog, you can choose Adsense or  be an affiliate with sellers to display ads on your website. If someone buys that products out from the advertisement on your website, you earn commission from the sales amount.

5. Sell Articles

sell articles online and earn money
Selling great articles  on various niche was start of most  online earners. But of course, writing articles require mastery in English language since this major language use in the webplus your commitment to work.

6. Review Music

review music and earn money online
Everyone loves to hear music and this is also the fast growing business on t he web. In short, there is money on it. Nowadays, there are different companies that offer  opportunities to review music for unsigned bands. But I will tell you that in the first place there is no easy money here, soyou will have to work hard to build your online identity, but once you have it you can earn more than $100 each month. That sounds better, isn’t it?

7. Sell Photographs

sell pics online and earn money
With the advent of the modern gadgets like cellphone with built-in camera and videocam etc. People tend to love photography  which paves their way to attract more money . You can upload your best photos on websites like instagram, istockphoto, fotolia and get on it.

8. Tutor Online

online tutoring and earn  money
Being a fresh graduate, you can use your (speaking) skills to make money. Choose a subject of your own interest and start tutoring. I have a friend and she is earning thousands of money via tutoring Asian and American students.

9. Write an EBook

write an ebook online and earn money
There are two types of income, the income that you earn from your job and the passive one. Writing and selling Ebook is an example of your passive income throughout your life.
Colleges and Universities mold the students to do excellent research and writing. Transform this talent to earn money through writing an EBook and sell it online. Make your Ebook  content and cover unique from others to sell it at a higher price.

10. EBay

how to earn money through ebay
EBay is largest  international website which deals with online shopping. If you have extra clothes in your closet, extra books or anything, sign up to EBay, upload pictures, set a reasonable price and earn money on them.

Good Luck Folks Hope you will succeed with your endeavors!!!

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