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10 Best Seo Tips for Newbie Bloggers

Having a beautiful and well customized blog is a vital part of every blogging task. It admires your visitors once they land to your blog pages. But this is not enough with  your  blogging career. You need to practice Search Engine Optimazation (SEO) in order to tell the world that you have this kind of blog and you’re happy to share it for free.
best seo tips for beginners
Below are some of the SEO tips that may help you to be on the right track of your blogging career.

1. Quality Content

  - It is most often said that “content is king”. As a blogger we should provide our readers with fresh, quality and reliable content. Robots will be happy if you create something new to the world or if you publish something that is already  known, present it in a unique and with more enhancements. Limits your words for at least 300- 500 characters.

2. Treat Post Title with H2-tag

   -Next to your blog content  that you are going to maximize is you post titles. By default, post titles are treated with an H-3 tag. You should change that H-3 tag to H-2 tag in order to increase your pagerank. To know more about treating post titles with H-2 tag, click here.

3. Adding alt tag to your Uploaded Images

   -We should also maximize our contents through putting images on it and in that images you will add an alt tag to tell robots that they are related with your contents. Click here for assistance.

4. Practice Blog Commenting

   -To a newbie blogger, it is quiet hard to let others to drop comments on your posts but I will tell  you that if you just take time to comment (a good one) on other blogs, those professional bloggers will also comment back on your posts. But the essence of commenting doesn’t evolve only with the two of you, others also will follow because you already started the ball rolling.
In blog commenting, you establish linkages with other people and most importantly the back links which are also a great source of traffic.

5. Add Sharing Widget to your Blog

   -Sharing widgets will help you spread your content throughout the web. Put this in every corner of your blog plus the email subscription box. I know the effect is slow but time will come that you will see its dramatic result.

6. Publish your Post at Regular Time Intervals

   -As an experienced, I tend to publish my post at exactly 10:51 (Philippine Standard Time) with an intensity of one post per day. You can schedule your post publishing as long as it follows  a certain pattern. You may publish one post per day at a specific time  or  two if you can but don’t publish too much, a maximum of three posts per day only. If ever you publish more than one post, say two post for example, wait for seven minutes to publish the second post.

7. Permalink Editing

  -If posts titles are important, so with your permalink.  Permalink is the link of your posts.  Edit  your permalink  with at least six (6) most targeted keywords. Click here to know more on permalink editing.

8. Guest Posting

  -In the first stage of our blogging career, guest posting is essential so that we will be exposed to the world of blogosphere an at the same time they will follow you. Try to win the heart and confidence in presenting your guest posts to them.

9. Putting Author's Image at the Search Engine Result Page

  -In statistics people will tend to click those post in SERP if they see an image right before the topic that they are searching. You can click here for the tutorial.

10. Link your Blog with other Sites related  to your Blog Niche!

  -Connect your Blog for at least four professional sites related to your blog. I believe this could also help.

Note: All the above SEO tips were being practiced by the author itself. No the same SEO will work in all  blogs.
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