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Bad Seo Tips A Blogger Must Not To Follow

I have been sharing in the last few month those best seo tips for a newbie blogger and I believed that those are quiet helpful if you really a goal oriented type of a blogger. Now in this article I will share another SEO Tips but in contrary, I would advise that you should not follow this since these are all bad Seo Tips. I am sharing this to the public concerned in order to guide them not to follow the wrong way of blogging.
 bad seo tips in blogger

List Of Bad Seo Tips That You Should Avoid

  • Not Utilizing Proper Keywords in the Post Titles.
  • Use your  creativeness  to optimize the titles for the keywords that page is targeting. Your target is to try and let the search engine robot know exactly what every single page on your website/blog is about and when it should come up on a search. No doing so is a bad seo strategy. 
  • Not Adding More Content or Pages in Your Blog.
  • Everytime you make an article in a separate page of your blog is like having many branches of your store [i.e. your blog] and it means you let your readers to explore more the every corner of your site. Every other day you should be adding new, unique content to your website .  The more contents you have, the more keywords you can target and the more likely your site will be found in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). 
  • Cheap Link Building Schemes.
  • I know this is one of the SEO Tips that we must know. It is the same with the saying "Be Always Connected High Fyling People in order to be Like hem Also". Which means that if you want to be a successful Blogger, link your blog/site to those blog (blog having the same niche) which are highly successful also.
  • Not Good/Irrelevant Meta Descriptions 
  • No matter how good is your site in page ranking but the people who will see and click it will not be encouraged to open or click it because your meta desciption (or the first few lines of words that  appear in the SERP is not so intriguing,  your site is then useless! There should be a good coordination with your post title, permalink, keywords, and your description in order to achieve a better result. 
  • Keyword Stuffing or Congesting
  • Having a 6 to 10 rich keywords per is enough to optimize your page. Doing or adding more than to this limit is not good for your page rank.
Your blog is your personal collection of your ideas, be the best in  sharing this to the world by avoiding those bad SEO tips and applying those best SEO tips.
Good LUCK and Happy Blogging Buddies  ;- )
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