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Basic Tips to Avoid Adsense Account Banned (Updated)

Google Adsense  is the king of  Contextual Ad Network around the web and the best in this online business because of its highest CPC Rates, quality of  ad servings, efficient support system, wired transfer of payment method and many other quality features.
Maintaining a good Adsense standing is easy if you had read its terms and conditions but if you ignore it or intentioanally not to read it because they are to lengthy then you are account is in danger, since they are  too strict in terms of  their publishers to oblige its Terms of Services which can cause anyone Adsense Account disabled.
tips to avoid adsense violation

In this tutorial, I will share to you how to make your Adsense Account in good standing always in order to avoid  mistakes and continue receiving blessing from them.

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Basic Tips (DON'Ts) to Avoid Adsense TOS Violation

1. Using Incorrect Labels

One way of  the tricks which is being practiced by lot of publishers is through showing labels  above Adsense ad like “click here to download”, “click below to show more”, click to see hotties”. All of these lines  were not approved  by the Adsense Team. It is very clear  in  TOS that Publishers are only allowed to use “Sponsored” and “Advertisement” as Labels. Any other Heading Lines for Adsense ad will be treated as a way to induce more (invalid) clicks from visitors, and this  is strictly not allowed by Adsense.

2. Invalid Click Activity

The most common practiced to get your account disabled/banned from Adsense. Many Newbie Publishers who can't wait to receive huge traffic to their blog tend to click their own  Ads from different computers like from an internet cafe or request somebody to do so from  different IP Address. But Google Adsense has a very advanced technology which can detect any invalid activity easily.

3. Alteration of the Ad Code

If your Adsense application will be approved by them, they will provide you as publisher a unique ad code with Pub-id and ad-slot. They will also instruct you not to alter the ad code in any case. Doing so will make your account banned.

4. Sudden Rise in CTR

A sudden Rise in CTR (click through rate) can cause Adsense Team to watch  your account  and this practiced will cause you to be suspended and worst if you will be banned of putting adsense ad to your blog.  Let us say, your CTR  for the last 3months is about 3% to 5% , but suddenly one day CTR Rises to 10% and if it  will  slow down suddenly for five to ten  days then there is something wrong with your traffic.

5. Showing Ads on Unsupported Languages Blogs

Adsense Support only  allows publishers to put Adsense ad  on their approved selective languages. Therefore if your blog contains any of the unsupportive languages, then, remove it (Adsense ad) or else, they will ban your Adsense Account.

6. Buying Traffic

Adsense never allows putting Ads on pages who  got a lot of paid traffic.

7. Linking your Blog to Bad Standing Sites

If your blog  is link to bad websites promoting any illegal material mentioned below then, Adsense will not serve Ads on your blog. Perhaps they will suspend your account  for such action. Always  do the right thing with Adsense in order not to be suspended or banned.

List of prohibited sites which are not allowed by Adsense to show their ads. All of the below listed is a BIG NO to Google Adsense:

1. Copyrighted or Illegal Material
2. Adult, Porn Content
3. Selling Alcohol, tobacco or any other related materials
4. Distribution of Illegal Drugs
5. Hacking or Cracking content
6. Hate speech Content
7. Selling of Weapons

8. Placing Ads too Close with Images

Inlining Adsense ad to your blog images is one way to increase clicks to the ads because  visitors can't distinguish between images and ads especially if they are just a mere web visitors. There were many Adsense  account being disabled due to this reason, and so  publishers started running away from this trick to avoid account cancellation.

9. Similar Contextual Advertisements

Always remember not to use any of advertisements that look similar to Adsense Ads. Only use those Ad networks, which complies with Adsense Policies like BuySellAds Infolinks, Technorati Media, etc.

10. Avoid Using Ads on Popups

Even now, some Adsense ad  publsihers still put ads that  show on Pop up or pop Under, hope they will not be banned because this trick is strickly not allowed in Adsense.

Read more on  Google Adsense Terms and Conditions for more Informations with their policies.
Once your account is banned no more other chance to gain back their confidence to you. If your site once violated their tos then try putting  Adsense alternatives to you site.

Final Words

I will  humbly advice every Adsense Publisher not  to wait for an Email from Adsense regarding your violation, just check your website or blog always  if it follows  their TOS.
Play Safe and Happy Blogging :-)

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