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Useful Tips to Keep Your Readers Stay Longer on your Blog

tips to keep readers stay longerNaturally, all bloggers wanted to become  more popular in their written articles but doing this needs some tricky moves in order to win the hearts of the readers. I believed that high page rank and low bounce rate are the consequences if  we just follow rules on blogging. In this article, I will share to you some useful tips to make your readers busy and like more to your blog.

Tips To Make Readers Stay Longer In Your Blog:

1. Professional Looking Blog. 

A difficult to achieve especially if we are still newbie blogger, since we need to be equipped with using the languages of computer programming like HTML, Javascript and CSS, etc. But don't worry since there are many sites available that share free Blog Template with good looking features.

2. Thought Provoking Post Title

Well, the next thing comes just after the looks is the  post title. Your blog posts title is  the reason why  your readers try to click on it and read your article in the first place. So, it’s up to you  how would you make it catchy and thought provoking. Make your titles create thoughts on their mind.

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3. Images.

Reading blog articles or even books without images attached is confusing since our imagination have no guide of what the author wanted to share with us. Through image content  article will be  completed. Add related and quality images along in your blog posts so that your reader  will know actually what are  you writing for them. But remember to alt  tag  in your images  because it will also  add your ranking in Google images and consequently increase blog traffic.

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4. Quality Video

 Since in our young age, we were fund of  watching TV in our homes and if it is not available, we tend to go our friends or near neighborhood  just to watch our beautiful TV program. In short we love watching videos than to read or hear it.  The same is true in  reading articles in our blog, readers  tend to   to stay more time if they  watch video along in reading our blog's article.  Youtube is the best answer in corporating videos for your sites but there are other sites as well   who can give you this opportunity

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5.Internal Linking

Promoting  blog article which are not so high in terms of  pageviews is always part of blogging and to answer this, you should practice internal post linking. If you're writing on Best SEO TIps for Newbie Blogger, you can also connect this article with another post, let us say Bad SEO Tips A Blogger Must Not To Follow. In that way, your readers will be busy reading  more than one  article.  Linking to another posts on your blog is a  Seo practice and  improved page  impressions as well.
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6. Ask your Readers to Subscribe to your Regular Post

 This is one way of helping your readers to be updated with your blog post. Your blog subscribers will be notified by mail when you update or post a new article on your blog. Don’t forget to put this   subscribing widget on your blog. I have one on the right sidebar you can put your email address to be updated with my incoming post as well.

7. Be natural in writing

Try to establish an environment that you are just talking your readers in a manner that they will not feel bored or tired. You  can also add mode of being funny. You have to think  that humans will read  your article and therefore you should act  as human too in order to gain the love of your readers.

Hope you like this short article and Enjoy Your Day!
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