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How To Host Javascript Files on Google Code For Free

Google Code is one of  the best sites who can host project  files like Javascript and CSS with Greater Bandwidth. Even though it is possible to include JavaScript Files into Blogger itself but sometimes while editing ,due to Blogger's habit to Escape Code automatically it can become a bit frustrating. Today, I will share to you how to host project files to Google Code. Please follow the simple steps below.

How to Host JS Files to Google Code

Step 1. First you need a (Google) gmail account.
Step 2. Log in to and click create a new project as shown in the screenshot below
how to host js files to
Step 3. Give your Project a name without spaces. Now fill all blank spaces with your blog title or as it requires.

hosting js files to
Note: Make sure you set the Version control system as Subversion & the Source code license as Mozilla Public License 1.1 (this is suited for general use)

Step 4. After creating the name of your project, you will be redirected to the Home Screen of your Project which is explained in more detail in the Image below.

how to host js and css files to googlecode
Step 5.  To start hosting your JS files, click  Source >> Browse >> svn >> trunk >> Create or Upload
submit js files to
Note: You can copy and paste your CSS or JavaScript codes into the box directly.

Step 6. After creating or uploading js files  to be hosted to google code , write a  brief description of what its about and then click the Commit button. Type the name for your file, including its extension. (If your file is about JavaScript, then end the name with .js. If it’s a CSS file, add .css extension at the end of the path). Again no space will be left unwritten.

hosting javascript to
Step 7. After the above step, you will be redirected to a Page with the whole code of your project file , there in the right side you will see View raw file particularly at the bottom , click it and copy the URL in the Address bar. This is the exact URL of your JS file.
how to host js files to googlecode

Step 8. Copy and  paste the URL of the JS file that you have copied  step 7 in behalf of the link (highlighted with pink color)     in the script tag below.
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Final words:

The best thing of hosting JS files to Google Code is to make our tutorial pretty and more simple in looks. It saves the loading time of your widgets because the script is located on Google servers. In the other hand, you can save Javascripts on Blogger too but it is advisable to keep your template uncluttered if possible.

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